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The People

Nothing Great is Ever Achieved Alone

You the reader are the people of Gravitec Inc. While Gravitec has had it's share of active research participants, there is not one more important to what we do than you, the enthusiast. You guys keep us going and inspire us to keep pushing forward and never give up. Thank you for your support.

the film
The facts
The mission

The Mission

To reach far beyond the earth

Our mission is simply to develop SFE into a viable form of Propellentless Propulsion, so that Mankind can reach far beyond the Earth and the Solar system.

It will take a technology like this to make Science Fiction into Science fact.


The Facts

It just doesn't go away.

SFE is a Propellantless Field Propulsion Technology. This means that unlike every other form of propulsion, SFE does not have to eject a mass in the opposite direction of motion to achieve a propulsive force. This doesn't mean that SFE does not interact with something to achieve the observed force. It simply means that no fuel or mass ejection mechanism is needed to achieve a propulsive force.

With SFE propulsion you simply convert input energy in the form of electricity to a force and change in velocity.

The catch with SFE is that it offers unprecedented performance and possibilities that simply cannot not be achieved in any other way.

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