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Hector Serrano

(Founder) CEO / CTO

Hector Serrano is one of the founding members of Gravitec Inc. As the Chief Technology Officer and the inventor of SFE Propellentless Propulsion Technology his contributions are invaluable. He has lead Gravitec In, for 23 years.

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Dustin Maze

(Founder) Consultant / Adviser / Member of the board of directors

Dustin Maze is another founder of Gravitec Inc and is the creator of the Gravitec Inc, Logo and Font. Over the years he has been a help in much of the hands on research of SFE and has contributed to our strategy and critical decision making.

Michael Barber

(Founder) Chief Legal Counsel / Member of the Board of Directors

As one of the original founders of Gravitec Inc, Mr. Barber has been an invaluable member of the Gravitec team.

Walter Hammond, Ph.D, MBA

Chief Engineer / Business Advisor

Dr. Hammond has made important contributions to the theoretical underpinning and engineering development of SFE Propellantless Propulsion Technology. He is one of the longest participant of SFE development throughout the years.

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