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Our Business

Gravitec Inc, is not only creating a revolutionary propulsion system, but it is also planning on vertically integrating this technology into our own owned and operated commercial Imaging Satellite Constellation.

Our Business
6U CubeSat Imaging 1c.jpg

Ultra Low Satellite Constellation

Using our proprietary propulsion technology, we are planning to deploy an ultra-low orbit constellation of imaging satellites to take the highest resolution images of Earth at the highest resolution and image quality possible from a relatively inexpensive 6U CubeSat platform. Unlike all other satellites this constellation will be able to hold this altitude for at least 5 years using SFE propellantless propulsion. 

3rd gen sfe cubesat thruster design 1.png

Our Advantage over the competition

SFE Propulsion technology gives us an unfair advantage over any satellite or space vehicle. We simply can do much more that they can, with less and for far longer.

3u Cubesat.png

Demo-1 SFE 3U CubeSat

The plan is to launch a 3U CubeSat that will test SFE propulsion technology in orbit. This will be a field test, proof of concept mission.

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