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Our Videos

Here you will find every video on our site and more. Remember we love to hear from you so please contact us, post a comment or send us a direct message.

SFE-R3 Initial Testing 1b.jpg

SFE-R3 Rotary Pendulum

This is SFE-R3. It's a rotary pendulum device. The Rotary Pendulum is a unique way to measure force. It is far more sensitive than any other form of measuring force produced by our devices. 


SFE in Hard Vacuum

So, this video shows you a very simple test of an Asymmetric Capacitor producing visible thrust in a vacuum. This is supposed to be impossible, but we can do this all day long.


NASA Vacuum Testing

This is a video of our first independent test of an SFE Device under hard vacuum conditions. The testing was performed at NASA's, NSSTC, LEEIF facility in Huntsville Alabama.

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