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SFE Patent

Propellantless Propulsion Thruster

SFE is a type of Propellantless Propulsion or Space Drive Technology. 

This means that unlike every other form of known propulsion SFE Space Drives do not need to eject a mass in the opposite direction to achieve motion. At first glance, this would appear to be a violation of the law of conservation of the moment, but that is only true if you apply the classical physics definition.

So SFE devices are what are referred to as exotic propulsion devices.


The device shown on the left was our first patented device and while it demonstrated the SFE phenomenon at work, it failed to produce a thrust that was scalable.

This required a complete rethinking of the underlying phenomenon

to gain a better understanding of the effect and how to overcome this limitation.

Currently, we are working on what we call 3rd Generation SFE devices. This new device will be testing a new approach to achieving the SFE effect and if all goes well will allow us to scale the force as a function of power input.

As we test 3rd gen SFE we are going to be constantly posting our experience and results both good and bad on our Blog.

We'll try to keep you guys informed as things progress. So please follow our blog and feel free to post questions and suggestions.

Expect this page to grow with more details on our technology, it's testing, and results. 

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