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SFE Theory - Physics Stuff

In this page I'm going to focus mostly on the physics of SFE. This will be a continuing evolving page. Stay tuned and check often for updates.


SFE stands for the Serrano Force Effect. The name was coined by Dr. John Brandenburg when he came to inspect the research I was doing under contract for DARPA. SFE is an anomalous force effect observed when devices are energized with high voltages with no obvious or apparent means to achieve the observed propulsive force.

So, based on experimental observations on SFE devices, we (Gravitec) believe we are observing a negative energy effect at work. The problem is that what we call Negative energy is not what physics defines as negative energy. Advanced physics is consumed with the idea that Negative Energy must exist in the form of a Negative Rest Mass. We have never observed a negative rest mass with SFE devices. Instead what we appear to be observing is a Negative Energy field that can be measured as a decrease in the Inertial Mass of the accelerated object (SFE device). That indicates to us that the Negative Energy is acting through the Positive Rest mass, not creating a Negative Rest mass. This theoretical framework has never been proposed to my knowledge.


I personally hate super generalized and abstract theories. Instead, I prefer to develop a theoretical framework that can be reduced to a classical physics framework. Why? Because at the end motion is expressed in classical terms, it has to be possible to reduce the higher more abstract framework into its classical equivalent. That's the one we actually engineer.

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