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The Market

The commercial satellite imaging market is the perfect market for SFE to make its debut. This is because while still expensive, it is still relatively inexpensive to use SFE propulsion in a 6U CubeSat to provide high resolution, images from space.

Gravitec Flyby 2022 1b.jpg

In 2022, the satellite imaging market is worth just over $3 billion dollars, and it is projected to be worth over $6 billion by 2026. This is a growing market with plenty of room for competition. With SFE propellantless propulsion, our satellites will have an unfair advantage over all imaging satellite constellations. Unlike the rest of the competition, our satellites will be operated in an ultra-low orbit of only 193km, this orbit is unique in many ways. First at this altitude we are closer to the earth than any other satellite on earth. By being closer, our image quality and resolution rises by several factors of power. In addition, at this altitude signal quality increases by several orders of magnitude and so does our energy savings. It also reduces our signal latency to the lowest of any satellite.


Our satellites will have other advantages over the competition, like lifespan. The normal planned lifespan of our satellites will be 5 years. Because we do not feed fuel to propel around, we can retask the satellite with impunity without sacrificing its design service lifespan.  In fact, we can raise and lower our orbit as needed, but even better is the fact that we can perform orbital plane change maneuvers.

This is only our penetration market, not the scope of what we intend to do. With or without parners we intend to use SFE to propel satellites and space vehicles for all possible applications.

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