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Conservation of Momentum?

The question has comeup on sevaral occations as to how SFE Propellant-less Propulsion is possible? Well first lets make a few things very clear. SFE is a non-Newtonian propulsion system. This means that SFE does not achieve its propulsive effect in a form that can be described by classical Newtonian mechanics. SFE does not have a need to eject a mass in order to conserve momentum.

What we believe is occuring based on experimental evidence is that when an SFE device is energized, a small negative energy state is achieved which manifest itself in the form of a negative inertial mass. We are all used to inertial mass being equal to Kinetic Energy and all things being balanced. This is because in every experimental case known the inertial mass and energy from which it derived are all positive.

If the positive energy input results in a negative energy mass effect then the gain is a negative inertial mass and this sets the stage for a self acceleration. For the sake of simplicity I will refer to this as a force, but in the strictest sense it is not.

The self accelerating force will increase the Kinetic Energy of the device to a rate equal to the negative energy state. This is why SFE devices move when power is applied to them. This is in no way a violation of the law of conservation of momentum or energy. This is simple totally new way to achieve both via a field effect and without the need for a mass ejection mechanism. Physicst will need to dive way deeper into this form of propulsion in order to understand all it's implications.

Some of you are thinking that negative energy is impossible. Not true. Negative energy has been both observed and experimentally achieved via devices like the Casimir effect. Also the Universe and Space itself is full of negative energy as is believed by astronomy to be the cause of the every increasing speed at which the Universe is expanding.

Devises like SFE are the next step in propulsion physics. Science fiction into Science fact.

Here's a link to the kind of physics we are talking about. Unlike this video SFE does not use a negative rest mass, so it's effect are only tempory and directly proportional to the a finite positive energy imput, thus limiting effects and application.

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