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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all

So, I wanted to update everyone on what is happening at Gravitec Inc. The new year is coming and we have a lot on the plate for 2023. The plans for the Demo-1 SFE propulsion orbital test mission are moving forward. A lot of work is going into that as our first step into the orbital space market.

For those of you that don't know or are not sure, Demo-1 is our planned Orbital Mission to test our revolutionary SFE propulsion technology in orbit. SFE is the first viable form of propellantless propulsion. Gravitec Inc is a vertical integrator of this technology and is planning on using it to deploy a growing constellation of remote sensing satellites starting with a 6U Optical Imaging CubeSat that will operate in an Extreme Low Earth Orbit of only 96-120 Miles (154-193Km). This will put our Satellites much closer to the action than any other Satellite constellation.

It also puts our Satellites in an orbit that is unsustainable unless you have active propulsion to raise the orbit of the satellite as it slows down from atmospheric friction.

Unlike other forms of propulsion, SFE does not need or use fuel. It simply converts solar power directly into thrust and a gain in Kinetic Energy. That's it. It also does this in a very compact solid-state thruster and power supply that produce little to no heat losses. So, the numbers are in our favor.

Being so close to the action our planned constellation will be able to get the highest resolution and image quality possible from an off-the-shelf optical telescope package. Our plan is to initially use CubeSats to get into the market fast and at a very low price point per satellite. This when combined with other measures will keep Gravitec's overhead cost very low and our operation focused on customer satisfaction and experience.

It all starts with the Demo-1 mission and early next year we are going to give a lot more details on that mission and how you, Yes, You can get involved to make this all possible. So stay tuned and we will see you next year.

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