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Maverick is re-engaging sir..!!!

Updated: Feb 19

Now let's talk SFE Space Drives. So a few months into COVID-19 I was forced to focus on Theory and Designing the new generation of SFE experiments. Now that Isopropyl and a few other supplies are available in the market I can start building 3rd generation thrusters. It turns out that the 3rd Generation SFE Space Drive thruster can use about 95% of the SFE-R1 test rig. All I have to replace is the actual Thruster itself. This is a very small piece of the entire rig. This is what I call a Win..!! Another cool thing is that 3rd Gen SFE thruster is modular so I can add or remove thrusting elements as needed. This also allows me to qualify the thruster via bench testing at an Electronics Component level. Before it can thrust it needs to be compatible with the power supply and power conditioning section. That's where the bench testing comes in. This will hopefully be the last version of the thruster that will be needed to transition the work from pure Scientific Research to Product Development. So in other words it will make the SFE Space Drive a real viable applicable technology. I'm not sure how I will get it to space for testing yet. LOL. For those of you who have been throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to make a space drive, your time is up. "Maverick is Reengaging". LOL.

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