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Where is the money in Space???

So, let's get down to brass tacks. Where is the money in the Space Economy at the moment?

A picture says a thousand words. So, let's take a look.

Is it starting to sink in yet? It is simply a matter of time, before 5G and beyond is going to become primarily based out of orbit. Then the coverage will not only be nationwide, it will become worldwide.

If you can't imagine being able to make a profit from this shift in communication, then stick to your vanilla investments.

The data is clear as to where the market is going, but you have to look.

Remote sensing is a growing demographic. This is information gathering and analysis. If you need to know what is happening with crops, shipping, and supplies around the world, remote sensing is where that information is coming from.

Space is a growing market and we are still in the early part of this growth.

This kind of market growth and opportunity has not happened since the PC revolution.

Just saying.

BTW, in case you are looking for a ground floor space investment.

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