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SFE Generation 3

So now we are in the 3rd generation of the SFE or Gen 3. Unlike the prior version Gen 3 takes advantage of everything we have learned about how to produce the SFE effect.

The Gen 3 devices share a similar pedigree to their predecessors, but how we produce the SFE effect is different in that we control a lot more of the variables and properties that lead to the underlying effect.

From the beginning 3rd generation devices are being designed with CubeSats in mind. So they are small, low power and highly reliable.

Below you can see how a 3rd generation thruster would fit inside a 6U CubeSat to provide continues propulsive force at extremely low orbits. This would allow for dramatic improvements in signal strength, signal latency reduction and optical clarity and resolution.

No matter what optic package you choose, it will always do better at lower orbits.

So SFE provides the satellite operator with a competitive edge not achievable by any other system in the market today.

6U Gravitec Inc 3a.png
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