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Progress on 3rd Generation SFE thruster

Hello everyone just wanted to give you a quick update on what's been happening with the effort to build and test the 3rd generation SFE thruster. So as I've been trying to build the new thruster I've been dusting off the tools and equipment needed to do this type of work. I'm happy to report that the first test device is ready for testing and that a second device with anticipated improvements based on the lessons learned in trying to build this first test device is already in the works.

Test device 1 is just that, a test device to see what needs to be done to tweak the system into a viable propulsion device. Much will be learned from this device. Currently the initial testing will be done is such a way that a major catastrophic failure is simply not possible. No damage to any component is anticipated and any major failures of the system to work as intended will result in modifications to the test device as needed.

The test device is a prototype thruster that is being tested in such a way as to allow complete rebuild and modifications as needed. Unfortunate how we achieve this is a guarded trade secret.

Sorry for tease on the picture but we don't talk about what's inside the black box. The two copper wires is all that is needed for the thruster to work. In the future there will be additional wires as we add sensors and other equipment around and inside the thruster to help monitor its performance and condition.

Unlike other efforts Gravitec Inc is in a very solid position to bring this technology to market for use by Aerospace Customers that desire to gain the advantage of having a pure solid state electronic propulsion system with a Delta V only limited by power input. This is the promise of Propellantless Propulsion.

At Gravitec Inc, we are turning Science Fiction into Science Fact.

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