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Work in Progress

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Well, this has been a long time coming and the day is finally here. I started working on the 3rd generation of experimental SFE Propellantless Propulsion devices. For those of you who do not know what I mean by Propellantless Propulsion, here's a quick explanation. Bear with me on this. So, if you believe that there is nothing new under the sky and that Physics and Science knows all there is to know than this information and for that matter site is not for you. Thanks for stopping by, the door is that way.

If you are still here then you probably believe that there is more to Physics and Science than we currently know. Welcome.

Now Propellantless Propulsion falls in the Exotic alternative propulsion concepts side of Physics. Unlike all other current forms of Space Propulsion, Propellantless Propulsion devices do not use a Mass Ejection Mechanism to change their Momentum. Instead in the case of SFE (a Particular Concept for a Propellantless Propulsion device) we believe that the device uses a form of Field-to-Field interaction. The first Field would be Electromagnetic and the Second would be a yet to be classified reaction field that appears to occupy the surrounding space.

So SFE devices can be classified as 100% solid state propulsion devices. They have no moving parts. They are a type of Electronic Propulsion Devices.

The work that is currently underway is a continuation of the prior work done using the 2nd generation SFE devices. Second Generation gave us tons of data and was moving forward towards a final test in Hard Vacuum when it failed to produce thrust consistently or even at all in some circumstance.

Third Generation SFE devices are designed to resolve these issues once and for all. It required a lot of analysis and thinking way outside the box to understand the underlying issue and its potential solution.

So come along for the Journey and let's see if we can finally get SFE Space Drives up and running for Space Propulsion applications.

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