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Demo-1 SFE Orbital Test

I thought it would be good to clarify how we intend to qualify SFE as a suitable space propulsion system. First, we would do all the necessary ground testing. If all goes well with those, then we would create a flight test package for use in a 3U CubeSat. There is no doubt that the ultimate test for SFE is in orbit around the earth. The mission would be to simply have the SFE thruster generate thrust and change the orbital height and speed or the 3U CubeSat. Once these maneuvers are completed, the mission will be over and a success. At this point all doubts of whether SFE is suitable for space applications would have been resolved. This mission would also cause a massive crisis in our understanding of physics. Currently contemporary physics cannot account for the experimentally observed force produced by SFE devices. So, I guess they will have a major issue in their hands soon. We are looking forward to that day.

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